Natrosol Plus - Description

Natrosol Plus HMHEC grades are associative thickeners which thicken through multiple mechanisms. In addition to the hydrogen-bonding and chain entanglement, typical of standard HEC, Natrosol Plus is hydrophobically modified and readily forms weak, three-dimensional networks via hydrophobe association. This associative thickening mechanism provides the best spatter resistance in the industry but does not suffer from the formulation sensitivity typical of synthetic associative thickeners (SATs).

Natrosol Plus modified HEC is a white, free-flowing powder that is readily incorporated into paints. It is also available as a pumpable liquid as Natrosol Plus 330 fluidized polymer suspension (Natrosol FPS Plus 330).

Natrosol Plus

More information about Natrosol Plus

  • Outstanding spatter resistance
  • Enhanced brushing viscosity - allows for greater film build and better hiding
  • Better leveling, with excellent sag resistance
  • Excellent in-can stability
  • Excellent color acceptance and color development
  • Viscosity stability on tinting
  • Wide compatibility with latexes, pigments, and surface-active paint components
  • Dispersibility which permits Natrosol Plus HMHEC to be added to acidic or neutral water without lumping. Also easily dispersed in glycols or organic coalescing solvents.
  • Solubility up to the practical viscosity limit (approximately 5% w/w in water).
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of natural and synthetic polymers and with latex emulsions.
  • Biostability equal to that of Natrosol HEC grades

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