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Neo Heliopan BB is an effective oil-soluble broad spectrum absorber with max. protection in the short-wave UVB and UVA spectra (UVB at approx. 286 nm, UVA at approx. 325 nm).

Neo Heliopan BB

More information about Neo Heliopan BB

  • Neo Heliopan BB is an oil soluble, fine-crystalline powder and practically odorless.

  • Adequate solubility in the formulation must be ensured in order to avoid recrystallization of the Neo Heliopan BB. The UV filters Neo Heliopan AV, E1000, 303, OS, HMS, MA and certain emollients are excellent solvents.

  • Excellent co-absorber in combination with specific UVB absorbers (Neo Heliopan AV, E1000, OS, HMS, MBC or Hydro)

  • In the USA often used in combination with Neo Heliopan AV, HMS and OS to achieve high SPF's

  • Neo Heliopan BB can be used up to 0.5% as a light stabilizer for cosmetic formulations

  • Approved world-wide. Concentration maximum varies according to local legislation

  • Neo Heliopan BB is a safe and effective UVA/UVB absorber. Safety and efficacy studies are available on request

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