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Neoflon PFA Melt Resins

Perfluoro Alkoxy Fluoropolymers

Neoflon PFA Melt Resins - Description

Daikin PFA (Perfluoro Alkoxy) is a copolymer of TFE and perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether. Like PTFE and FEP, it is fully fluorinated. Like FEP, it is melt processible. PFA has a continuous service temperature from -200 Deg C to +260 Deg C. Like PTFE, PFA has extreme chemical inertness, excellent slip and release properties, and excellent electrical properties. PFA also has excellent high temperature mechanical properties. Daikin produces two types of PFA, industrial grades and semicondutor or “SH” grades. Both types can be easily processed by extrusion, compression molding, injection molding, transfer molding, or other typical plastics processing methods. Semiconductor grades have the additional benefit of being extremely low in metal and fluoride ion extractions, meeting all semiconductor requirements for ultrapure chemical tubing and associated equipment. Typical applications are injection molded parts, medical devices, extruded wire insulation, tubing, film and sheet lining. Anti-static industrial grades are also available.

Neoflon PFA Melt Resins

More information about Neoflon PFA Melt Resins

Neoflon PFA AP-201: High melt flow PFA resin with superior melt flowability suitable for injection-molded articles that have complex shape, and for thin wall wire insulation.

Neoflon PFA AP-201SH: High purity grade resin especially designed for usage in the semiconductor industry. It is superior in melt flowability and is suitable for complex and small shape articles.

Neoflon PFA AP-210: Medium melt flow PFA resin suitable for injection molding, tubing, and for electrical wire insulation.

Neoflon AP-211SH: High purity grade resin especially designed for the semiconductor industry. It offers long-term flexibility and excellent stress crack resistance.  Typical applications include fittings, pump parts, wafer baskets, filter housings, pipe, valves.

Neoflon PFA AP-221SH: High purity grade resin especially designed for the semiconductor industry. It can also be used for extrusion of small tubing and small wire insulation.

Neoflon PFA AP-230: PFA resin suitable for various linings. It has superior stress crack resistance. It can be processed by extrusion, transfer molding and compression molding.  Typical applications include tubing, cable jacketing, and linings.

Neoflon PFA AP-230ASL: Anti-static grade suitable for extrusion molding.

Neoflon PFA AP-231SH: High purity grade resin especially designed for the semiconductor industry with long-term flexibility and good stress crack resistance. It is suitable for extrusion, compression molding and transfer molding.

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