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Color Changing and Glow in the Dark Pigments - TM-PD, NL Series

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Thermochromic materials are microcapsules that change color reversibly with temperature.

Photochromic materials change color when exposed to sunlight/UV and revert to its original color when the sunlight/UV is dimmed or blocked.

Product Offerings:

  • TM-PD Series - Blacks, Blues, Magentas, Oranges, Reds, Yellows

Glow in the Dark – Long lasting Glow in the Dark material is actually an inorganic pigment that can self-glow in the dark. It is strontium aluminate material, producing a longer afterglow than that of zinc sulfide.

Product Offerings:

  • NL Series - Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow-Green

Other Pigments

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  • Core contents of thermochromic micro-capsules are leuco-dye, color developers, and temperature controllers.
  • Color conversion: When the thermochromic material is raised to a specified temperature, the material changes from colored to colorless. Upon cooling of the product, the original color returns.
  • By formulating with various materials, thermochromic products can be tuned to activate at different temperatures.
  • Activation Temperatures Available: 15°C - 70°C Photochromic:
  • Color conversion: When exposed to UV radiation, the material changes from colorless to colored. Upon elimination of the light source, the original color returns
  • Types available: Standard, BPA-free Glow in the Dark:
  • High density, non-toxic and non-radioactive Strontium Aluminates give these products a long-lasting glow effect.
  • For cosmetic applications: 3-5% w/w. Applicable concentration can vary widely based upon desired result.
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