Palsgaard DMG food grades - Description

Palsgaard® DMG line are distilled monoglycerides of vegetable fatty acids, often used as emulsifiers with starch complexing properties for use in bread and starch based products and emulsifiesr for use in water-in-oil emulsions e.g. margarine and bakery compounds etc. These products reduce the surface tension between water and the fat phase, facilitate and stabilize the water-in-oil emulsion during emulsification and processing, ensure a homogeneous and stable emulsion in the finished product, impart a fine and stable water distribution to the margarine, extend shelf life via anti-staling effect, and improve the texture of starch containing products.

Non-GMO grades available.

Palsgaard DMG food grades

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  • bagels
  • bake mixes
  • bars
  • bread
  • cake
  • donut mix
  • frosting
  • gluten free
  • ice cream
  • margarine
  • muffins
  • pie crust
  • tortillas

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