PARAPLEX® A-8200 - Description

PARAPLEX A-8200 is a medium molecular weight polymeric ester designed to provide permanence in all types of environments.  PARAPLEX A-8200 offers excellent extraction resistance to both polar and non-polar mediums while still offering good low temperature properties for a polymeric plasticizer. The low fogging characteristics imparted by PARAPLEX A-8200 make it ideal for used in automotive interiors.


More information about PARAPLEX A-8200

  • Acrylic rubber
  • Cellulose nitrate
  • Chlorinated rubber
  • Chlorosulfonated polyethylene
  • Epichlorohydrin
  • Nitrile
  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • Automotive interiors
  • Electrical tape
  • Hose and tubing
  • Print rolls
  • PVC Gasketing

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