PCL-Liquid 100 - Description

PCL-Liquid 100 is a liquid oil-soluble emollient (mixture of alkyl branched fatty acid esters) providing outstanding skin suppleness that makes the skin soft and smooth.

PCL-Liquid 100 consists of a high purity ester and shows water repellent properties. It has excellent spreading qualities, enhances percutaneous perspiration, improves the emulsions' fluidity; makes the skin tender, smooth and supple. Excellent filmformer. Gives hair a natural shine.

PCL-Liquid 100

More information about PCL Liquid 100

  • Spreads quickly on skin and has strong film forming effect without being occlusive

  • Does not inhibit the natural skin respiration Does not leave a sticky or greasy skin feeling

  • Maintains natural moisture content of the skin

  • Mimics composition of natural preen-gland oil but is of course not animal derived

  • It's low variation of viscosity with temperature makes it particularly suitable for w/o emulsions

  • Nature-inspired compound

  • Makes skin soft, smooth and supple

  • Helps skin to maintain its natural equilibrium

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