PEARLITOL® FLASH - Description

For orally disintegrating and orodispersable tablets, PEARLITOL® Flash provides filler/binder functionality as well as disintegrant benefits (ODT). The chemical inertness of PEARLITOL® Flash allows for consistent rapid disintegration regardless of compaction force, making ODT formulation surprisingly simple. It's a mannitol and starch blend that's been co-processed for direct compression formulations. PEARLITOL® Flash can be used in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical oral dosage forms such as fast disintegrating tablets and ODTs, as well as a platform for developing and manufacturing chewable tablets


More information about PEARLITOL® FLASH

  • Non-GMO
  • Non-cariogenic
  • No disintegrant needed
  • 70% sweetness of sucrose
  • Creamy, smooth texture

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