Pergopak - Description

Pergopak® matting and effect agents are organic thermoset polymethyl urea resins. They allow the creation of surface properties and visual and physical effects, which cannot be achieved by standard matting agents like silicas or waxes. Due to their chemical nature and structure, Pergopak matting and effect agents can be used alone or in combination with other matting agents in a variety of coating formulations.

The four Pergopak matting and effect agent grades provide a high performance balance of matting, clarity, rheology and abrasion resistance along with a pleasant feel versus that of matting agents alone. As thermoset polymers, Pergopak products provide advantages in the overall resistance of the coating due to its hardness and non-melting properties. Pergopak grades can be used in air-dry, baking and two component systems, including water-based, solvent-based and UV curing systems. However, Pergopak products cannot be employed in moisture-curing systems.

Available Grades:

  • Pergopak M3

  • Pergopak M4 

  • Pergopak M5

  • Pergopak M6


More information about Pergopak

  • High matting efficiency

  • Low impact on rheology

  • Improved scratch and abrasion resistance

  • Improvement of adhesion and elasticity

  • Excellent weather resistance and gloss retention

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