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Phytic Acid 50% solution

INCI Name: Phytic Acid, Water

Phytic Acid 50% solution - Description

Phytic Acid – the natural derived chelating agent – is the 6-phosphate ester of inositol. It exists in almost all plants as its mixed calcium and magnesium salt (called Phytin), especially in seeds and grains. Phytin is considered to be the most important place to store organic phosphates of plants. In rice bran, the concentration of phytin is particularly high – approx. 9.5 to 14.5%, which makes rice bran a perfect source for Phytic Acid.

Its strong chelating function allows Phytic Acid to remove or deactivate metal ions such as iron. Its metal chelating action remains high over a wide pH range. In addition, many valuable functions with respect to human health have been reported.


Phytic Acid 50% solution

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  • Phytic Acid 50% solution is Halal certified

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