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Pigment Dispersions

Natural Ester Dispersed Pigments - Ecoperse, EcoCare Series

Pigment Dispersions - Description

Ecoperse is a natural dispersant is a specialty ester with INCI name Octyldodecyl Oleate. It is naturally derived from Olive Oil and is ideal for dispersing pigments in color applications. The initial spread is light and fast absorbing with a soft smooth after feel on skin. It also provides excellent lubricating properties without imparting a heavy, greasy feel.

Ecoperse (dispersed pigment using above natural ester) contains high load of pigment (45-75%), flows very well and is highly compatible with other natural oils and ingredients. It also has greater stability and better performance than silicone types. It’s an excellent naturally dispersed pigment for your foundation, BB cream, lip stick and other makeup applications. 

Product Offerings:

  • Naturally Dispersed Pigment Series

    • Ecoperse

    • EcoCare

Pigment Dispersions

More information about Pigment Dispersions

  • Naturally based ester, derived from olive oil

  • Absorbs quickly into skin leaving uniform color coverage

  • Soft, non-greasy spread profile - ideal to replace volatile silicones

  • Contains high load pigments

  • Excellent flow and stability to minimize cracking on the skin

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