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Plantasil Micro

INCI Name: Dicaprylyl Ether (and) Decyl Glucoside (and) Glyceryl Oleate

Plantasil Micro - Description

Plantasil Micro is a transparent microemulsion based on natural, renewable raw materials. This conditioning agent is an optimized blended surfactant-oil system that synergistically improves conditioning performance in rinse-off formulations when combined with cationics.

Plantasil Micro

More information about Plantasil Micro

  • Environmentally friendly, easy to formulate, economical alternative to silicone

  • Ability to develop transparent formulations

  • EO-free and Silicone-free

  • Cold processable and easy to use

  • Highly compatible with a wide range of surfactants

  • Works in combination with cationic polymer and anionic surfactant

  • 100% naturally derived

  • Readily biodegradable

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