PLASTHALL® S-73 - Description

Plasthall S-73 is a highly efficient epoxy ester plasticizer that provides effective light and heat stability and low-temperature flexibility to PVC compounds. Plasthall S-73 offers performance typical of low-temperature plasticizers – excellent low-temperature flexibility, high plasticizing efficiency, low viscosity, easy processing, good compatibility, and low volatility.  This balance of properties makes this plasticizer an attractive ingredient of flexible PVC formulations for a variety of applications. Plasthall S-73 is well suited for interior automotive formulations where low temperature and fogging resistance are important.


More information about PLASTHALL S-73

  • Chlorinated rubber
  • Chlorosulfonated polyethylene
  • Ethyl cellulose
  • Polychloroprene
  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • Automotive interiors
  • Automotive molded parts
  • Coated fabrics
  • Film and sheeting for use in low temperatures
  • Garden hose
  • PVC Film
  • Vinyl foam
  • Window sealant

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