POLYCOS A-80 - Description

Polycos A-80 is a non-ionic hydroxypropyl guar. This natural polymeric thickener swells and develops viscosity quickly. It comes at different levels of viscosities and has good salt and alcohol tolerance and is easily dispersible.

Polycos A-Series products are as rheology modifier ideal for thickening formulations and hydro alcoholic solutions and provide an emollient and lubricating film forming effect to the skin. They can be used as viscosity modifier, emulsion and foam stabilizer, in a wide range of personal care applications.



More information about POLYCOS A 80

  • Reduction of skin irritation and redness induced by detergents

  • Reduction of skin stiffening caused by surfactants

  • Skin protection by supplying a thin film of polymer

  • Providing a softened skin surface with a smooth silkyfeel and after feel

  • Providing in shaving products lubricity and improves facial skin after feel

  • Stabilize oil-in-water emulsion systems and foam

  • Impart slip in extrusion and on skin

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