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INCI Name: Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

POLYCOS CA-750 BF - Description

POLYCOS CA-750 is a cationic guar gum that is free of borates. These products are guaranteed to be free of boric acid and borates.

POLYCOS CA-750 BF was especially developed as a conditioning agent in shampoos creating a moderate thickening effect.


More information about POLYCOS CA 750 BF

  • Borate free

  • Fine, yellowish powder

  • Slightly opaque in solutions

  • Exceptional behavior

  • Extraordinary conditioning (particularly of dry hair)

  • Improved silicone deposition onto hair (providing a soft, shiny, silky effect to the hair)

  • Less build-up effect of the conditioning agent

  • Provides improved ease-of-use of dry and wet hair combing and wet hair detangling

  • Reducing of scalp and or skin irritation

  • Improvement of the foam quality, stability and texture

  • Increase of the foam

  • Impart soft, elegant after-feel to the skin

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