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Polyflon PTFE Polymer Processing Aids

Polytetrafluoroethylene Polymer Processing Aids

DAIKIN’s PPA product range is the solution of choice to improve the quality profile and productivity of plastics extrusion.

PPA (polymer processing aids) are additives used to improve the processing of plastics. They form a coating layer on the metallic surfaces of a production machine to lower adhesion of the processed polymer to these surfaces. This reduces shear stress in the die land and helps to reduce or even eliminate melt fracture. Different processing aids take various amounts of time to form a coating.

Daikin PPA DA-310ST: Helps boost line speed as it eliminates melt fracture, reduces die-build up and die pressure. Available as a fine white powder made of modified fluoro-elastomer, Daikin PPA DA-310ST lubricates the inside of die walls decreasing friction and delivering a higher production rate.

Daikin PPA DA-7200: Eliminates melt fracture, reduces die-build up, reduces die pressure, reduces extrusion

temperature, and increases the output of main resin. It is a white powder made of modified fluoro-elastomer. Daikin PPA DA-7200 lubricates the inside of the die wall with a coating to decrease the friction between melted resin and the die wall.

Daikin PPA DA-810X: Eliminates melt fracture, reduces die-build up, die pressure, and extrusion temperature, while simultaneously increasing line speed. Available as a white powder made of modified fluoroelastomer. Daikin PPA DA-810X coats extrusion equipment in order to decrease the friction between the polymer melt and the die wall.

Daikin PPA DA-910: Generates a small drop size when incorporated into PE resin or masterbatch. This will allow one to use it in mono-layer, multi-layer and even laminated film without any gel formation. Setting a high standard to reduce die build up, Daikin PPA DA-910 even produces low levels of die build up during compounding and can be compounded with LDPE to produce a PPA masterbatch.

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