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Polymac Saturated Polyesters

Conventional Solids Polyester Resins

Polymac Saturated Polyesters - Description

Polymac® liquid polyester resins are designed to be chemically crosslinked with amino resins or isocyanate resins for use in thermoset applications to produce baking enamels or air-dry, two-component urethanes. These resins find application in a wide variety of high performance finishes which require high chemical resistance, excellent weatherability, high hardness and flexibility, and high abrasion resistance.

Polymac Saturated Polyesters

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Polymac 66-6613 is an economical polyester for coil coatings and general purpose industrial spray coatings which exhibits good flexibility, hardness, chemical resistance and overbake resistance.

Polymac 66-6686 is a HAPs free polyester resin that was designed as a premium performance resin when cured with polyurethane prepolymers. It also provides superior weathering in very high quality baking systems when crosslinked with melamine resins. This resin affords excellent appearance, hardness, flexibility, and exterior durability.

Polymac 220-1001 is an extremely durable HAPs free polyester. This resin is designed for two-component isocyanate crosslinked systems that require gloss and color retention, as well as chemical and abrasion resistance. It is compatible with other polyesters and acrylic polyols.

Polymac 220-1926 is a polyester designed for use in coil coatings. It can be formulated with the proper crosslinker into flexible baking enamels. If exhibits excellent flexibility, durability, and adhesion to aluminum & steel as well as very good gloss and color retention.

Polymac 220-1935 is an extremely versatile coil polyester with outstanding overbake resistance, flexibility and long-term durability as well as good chemical resistance and hardness. It can be formulated to meet a zero T-bend requirement with a pencil hardness of HB.

Polymac 220-1958 is the naphthalene depleted version of 220-1959. It is an extremely versatile polyester resin that was designed for use in coil coating applications.

Polymac 220-1959 is an extremely versatile polyester resin that was designed for use in coil coating applications. It features excellent chemical resistance, flexibility, gloss, flow & leveling, and overbake resistance.


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