POWERZOL 55110 - Description

POWERZOL 55110 is a formulated package that can be used in flush machines for both transmission fluid and engine oil EO and by pour in for engine oil. For use just prior to changing fluids.


More information about POWERZOL 55110

  • Flashpoint will vary depending on base oil stock
  • Add 12 - 20 ounces (350 - 600 ml) to the transmission or engine and run the vehicle for 5 - 15 minutes and then flush per the normal procedures
  • Compatible with all types of motor oil
  • Compatible with CVT and DCT
  • Only use in automatic transmissions
  • This product contains a special formulation that helps clean and prepare a transmission or engine for a new fluid
  • This product is a top treat to be poured into the transmission or engine prior to a fluid change

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