POWERZOL 9049 - Description

POWERZOL 9049 is formulated to clean diesel fuel injection systems in one application, reducing deposits and restoring engine power. Use 12.8 oz. per 100 gal (400 mL per 400 L) of diesel fuel. Higher doses may be used for severe deposit issues.


More information about POWERZOL 9049

  • Compatible with legacy and new technology fuel injector systems
  • Comprehensive no-harms credentials
  • Effective on nozzle deposits and internal injector deposits (IDID)
  • Helps restore engine performance
  • Improved fuel economy and power
  • Keeps fuel system clean
  • One Tank Cleanup of fuel injection system cleaner formulated with the revolutionary new Zer0 Series diesel deposit control additive
  • Outstanding performance in the Peugeot DW10 test procedure with capability to completely prevent loss of engine power and even restore lost power due to fouled injectors at higher product treats
  • Proven performance in mineral-biodiesel blends, including injector keep clean in XUD-9 and DW10 methods
  • Rapid cleaning of fuel injector deposits
  • Restores power loss due to fouled injectors

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