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Protectosil 100

A free-flowing, colorless, frost resistant, solvent-free liquid based on a monomeric silane

Protectosil 100 - Description

Protectosil 100 is a clear, penetrating, breathable VOC compliant reactive penetrating sealer for use on concrete. The isobutylalkoxy functional silane allows for faster dry times and superior performance on high quality mix designs typical of new bridge decks. Creates a deep hydrophobic layer that prevents water and waterborne contaminants from entering the substrate and causing premature deterioration.

By combining ultra-low surface tension with a tailored rate of reaction, Protectosil 100 is able to move through the moisture boundary layer that lines the pore structure of the substrate. This permits the development of uniform gradient permeation - a consistent level of protection throughout the entire depth of penetration - allowing for longer treatment life, especially on wearing surfaces.

Protectosil 100 penetrates deeper than traditional silane and siloxane solvent- or water-carried systems. This deeper penetration gives a long-lasting, resistance against water and chloride intrusion.

Protectosil 100

More information about Protectosil 100

  • Excellent resistance to chloride ion ingress
  • 100% Moisture vapor transmission
  • Mitigation of AAR & ASR deterioration
  • Deep penetration into substrate
  • No change in surface appearance
  • No change in surface friction after application
  • High resistance to alkali attack
  • Long service life
  • Excellent performance on wearing surfaces
  • Dry time 1 hour at 70F (21C)
  • Will not inhibit adhesion of paints and line striping

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