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Protectosil 100 NK

Water repellent formulation with water beading effect for mineral and hydroxyl-group containing substrates

Protectosil 100 NK - Description

An excellent beading effect develops on suitable substrates only a short time after application. Protectosil® 100 NK can be applied at full-strength or after dilution with suitable solvents.

Suitable solvents:

  • Ethanol* (water free, denatured with petroleum hydrocarbons)

  • Aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents (pentane, hexane, heptane, etc.)

  • Aromatic hydrocarbon solvents (toluene, xylene)

  • White spirit

Dilutions of from 1:1 to 1:9 are possible (Dilution of Protectosil® 100 NK and solvent)

* recommended solvent


Protectosil 100 NK

More information about Protectosil 100 NK

  • Solvent-free

  • Low volatility

  • High reactivity

  • Very good beading effect

  • Water vaporpermeable, colorless impregnation

  • Seals hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm

  • Considerably reduces absorption of water and damaging water-borne salts (e.g. chlorides)

  • Very good penetration capacity

  • Very high alkali resistance

  • Stops the alkali-silica reaction

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