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Protectosil SC 200

Coating System for Oil-, Water-, and Dirt-Repellent Treatment of Smooth Inorganic Surfaces

Protectosil SC 200 - Description

Protectosil SC 200 is an one-component user-friendly coating system for smooth surfaces such as glass and glazed ceramics.

Protectosil SC 200

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Treatment of windshields:

  • Better visibility in the rain, particularly on throughways and rural roads
  • In winter: prevents time-consuming de-icing
  • In summer: insect splatter are easily removable

Easy-to-clean glass components of shower stalls, sanitary ceramics:

  • Lime and soap residues are easily removable
  • Aggressive cleaning agents are not needed. A wet cloth is generally sufficient.

Easy-to-clean surfaces on other glass objects (e.g. greenhouses, canopies, skylights, etc.):

  • The cleaning cycle is extended
  • Less cleaning agent is needed
  • Dirt is easier to remove

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