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Protectosil SC Powder

Powdery admixture for cementitious building materials

Protectosil SC Powder - Description

Protectosil SC POWDER is a highly efficient, water redispersible powdery admixture for cementitious building materials to impart easy-to-clean properties.

The addition of Protectosil SC POWDER reduces significantly the coefficients of capillary water and oil absorption. 

Protectosil SC Powder

More information about Protectosil SC Powder

  • Admixture for cement based mixtures
  • Used to achieve easy-to-clean properties on the surface of cured cementitious materials
  • Chemically bonds to the cement phase and other siliceous material present in concrete
  • Does not influence the color and the surface appearance of concrete
  • Leaves the concrete water vapor permeable
  • Reduces capillary water and oil absorption significantly
  • Easy to mix and does not change the wetting properties of a modified mix
  • Especially suitable for the modification of facing concrete of concrete pavers

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