Protectosil WS 405 A - Description

Protectosil WS 405 A is an aqueous emulsion based on organofunctional silanes for the water repellent impregnation of absorbent, mineral substrates with excellent beading effect.

Protectosil WS 405 A

More information about Protectosil WS 405 A

  • Shows very high reactivity and resistance against alkali

  • Penetrates deeply in porous, mineral substrates

  • Shows excellent beading effect

  • Shows no formation of sticky silicone films

  • Gives invisible and water vapor permeable protection

  • Reduces significantly the uptake of water

  • Reduces the uptake of water soluble pollutants (e.g. chlorides)

  • Effective on micro cracks up to 0,3 mm

  • May be further diluted with water

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