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Raven specialty black carbon pigments are used in a variety of applications in the plastics, inks, and coatings segments. In these applications, they provide black pigmenting and enhanced properties such as conductivity, viscosity, and UV protection. The selection of a specific carbon black pigment for an application depends on the end-product requirements, as well as on processing conditions.

Birla Carbon has developed products that provide the highest level of purity available. These products referred to as Ultra® carbon black pigments, serve as industry benchmarks in various application segments. Ultra® products benefit various application systems by providing greater uniformity, increased compatibility, improved dispersion, better processing, longer screen life, enhanced color development, and reduced scrap.


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Raven Carbon Black Pigments in Coatings

In coating applications, carbon black provides depth of color as well as conductive properties. In coatings, oxidized fine particle carbon black is the key to deep jet black paints. Coarser carbon black is used for tinting and is indispensable for obtaining a desired gray shade or color hue.


Coatings may be formulated with an extremely wide range of products such as Raven 410 for utility finishes, Raven 1255 for various medium color industrial coatings, and Raven 5000 Ultra II for high quality, extremely jet, blue undertone automotive topcoat applications. Specialty blacks primarily used for tinting have low surface areas and broad particle size distributions. Products with these properties provide good economics coupled with a desired blue tone and best resistance to flooding and flocculation. Raven 14 Powder, an easily dispersed post-treated carbon black, is the industry standard for blue undertone and tinting in paints and coatings.


Raven Carbon Black Pigments in Inks

In printing inks, carbon black is not only used as pigment but also helps achieve the required viscosity for optimum print quality. Post-treating carbon black permits effective use of binding agents in ink for optimum system properties. Ink grade carbon blacks are generally medium to coarse in particle size and are used for their masstones rather than tint properties.


The Raven brand portfolio of specialty carbon blacks are designed to meet the requirements of ink applications across letterpress, web offset and aqueous segments. They provide optimum performance consistently in fluid ink applications such as publication and packaging gravure. Specialty blacks for inks are generally medium to coarse in particle size and are used for full color rather than tinting properties. In liquid ink applications such as publication and packaging gravure, the Raven 400 and Raven 500 series products are widely used because of their rheology, ease of dispersion, and blue tone. Raven L Ultra is used when the masstone requirements are higher. Depending on specific requirements, high quality inks are formulated with products such as Raven 760 Ultra, Raven 1000, and Raven 1035.


Raven Carbon Black Pigments in Plastics

A major attribute of carbon black is its ability to absorb detrimental UV light and convert it into heat, thereby making plastics, such as polyolefins and polyethylene, more resistant to the UV radiation from sunlight. Fine particle carbon black provides deep jet black color for plastic products manufactured by injection molding, extrusion and other processes.


Carbon black may be incorporated into thermosets or thermoplastics for color, tint, or functional reasons. Masstone color plastic applications can employ the entire available range of carbon black particle sizes.  Selection will depend upon loading, dispersion, and cost. The coarser products are excellent choices in applications where blue tone, tinting strength, and ease of dispersion are preferred. For applications requiring very high jetness such as engineering plastics, Raven 2000, Raven 2350 Ultra, and Raven 2500 Ultra are recommended. For ultraviolet protection, Raven UV Ultra is recommended for jacketing, film, and fiber applications.

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