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Rezimac Modified Alkyds

Conventional Solids Phenolic-Modified Alkyds, Silicone-Modified Alkyds and Epoxy Ester Resins

Rezimac Modified Alkyds - Description

These specialized alkyd resins have been chemically modified to enhance various performance properties for specific applications:

Rezimac® phenolic modified resins are used in both industrial and architectural finishes, either alone or as a reinforcing resin to be blended with other alkyd resins. Phenolic modification to an alkyd resin increases the resin’s resistance to water, lifting, alkali materials, oils and abrasion. They yield films that are characterized by their toughness, chemical and corrosion resistance, and rapid-dry properties.

Rezimac® silicone modified alkyds are a specialized series of products used in both industrial and architectural finishes to formulate coatings that require excellent durability, toughness, abrasion and heat resistance.

Rezimac® epoxy ester resins are alkyd resins that have been modified with epoxy, which produces a resin that is saponification resistant, as well as tolerant of strong solvents when recoated. Because of the epoxy component, they adhere well to various substrates and have excellent corrosion resistance making them ideal for use in primers, but resistance to UV light is limited.


Rezimac Modified Alkyds

More information about Rezimac Modified Alkyds

Rezimac 12-1202 is an epoxy ester exhibiting adhesion to a variety of substrates, excellent hardness, water resistance, alkali resistance, and abrasion resistance. This resin finds use in concrete coatings and maintenance primers. It can also be used in trade sales applications because of its mineral spirits solubility.

Rezimac 12-1222 is an epoxy ester resin designed for use in general purpose air-dry or baking primers and maintenance coatings. Coatings based on this resin exhibit excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, excellent adhesion, hardness, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as adhesion and hardness.

Rezimac 52-5203 is a very fast dry rosin phenolic -modified short oil alkyd resin with lacquer-type air-dry properties. It is used in general purpose metal primers and lacquer recoatable primers. It features excellent recoat properties, good humidity resistance, and good corrosion resistance.

Rezimac 62-6203 is a fast drying silicone modified alkyd designed for air-dry and bake coatings requiring high heat resistance. This resin can be used for a variety of applications, and features improved durability over a conventional chain-stopped alkyd.

Rezimac 62-6247 is a silicone modified epoxy ester designed for air-dry and bake coatings. It exhibits high heat resistance, and excellent appearance as well as good adhesion and chemical resistance. It can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Rezimac 62-6260 is a silicone modified, soya based alkyd exhibiting good flexibility as well as excellent color and gloss retention. Enamels formulated with this resin meet the requirements of specifications TT-E-490E and TT-E-1593B.

Rezimac 62-6283 is a silicone modified, soya based alkyd exhibiting excellent color and gloss retention as well as good flexibility and speed of dry.

Rezimac 204-1144 is a fast drying rosin phenolic modified medium oil alkyd. It is recommended for use in quick-dry primers for general metal finishing, such as fast-dry topcoats for drums and trash bins. Due to the rosin and phenolic modification, use of Rezimac 204-1144 in topcoats for exterior application should be restricted to areas where speed of dry is paramount over long-term exterior durability. This resin features fast dry, excellent adhesion, and good water resistance.

Rezimac 213-1136 is a silicone-modified alkyd resin with good heat resistance, gloss and air drying properties.

Rezimac 213-1285 is a silicone modified alkyd resin designed for coatings that require excellent exterior color, heat resistance and gloss retention. Also recommended for government specification, high heat-resistant aluminum coatings. Meets TT-P-28G high heat requirements.

Rezimac 216-1074 is a phenolic modified oil that is typically used in the formulation of clear wood varnishes and aluminum pigmented finishes. It contains no driers. This resin features good leafing properties as well as good exterior durability, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance.


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