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Rezimac WR Modified Water Reducible Alkyds

Water Reducible Epoxy Esters, Silicone Modified Alkyds, and Stain Vehicles

Rezimac WR Modified Water Reducible Alkyds - Description

These specialized water reducible alkyd resins have been chemically modified to enhance various performance properties for specific low VOC applications:

Rezimac® WR silicone modified alkyds are a specialized series of products used in both industrial and architectural finishes to formulate coatings that require excellent durability, toughness, abrasion and heat resistance.

Rezimac® WR epoxy ester resins are alkyd resins that have been modified with epoxy, which produces a resin that is saponification resistant, as well as tolerant of strong solvents when recoated. Because of the epoxy component, they adhere well to various substrates and have excellent corrosion resistance making them ideal for use in primers, but resistance to UV light is limited.


Rezimac WR Modified Water Reducible Alkyds

More information about Rezimac WR Modified Water Reducible Alkyds

Rezimac WR 73-7331 is a water reducible epoxy ester designed for fast dry, corrosion resistant primers and maintenance coatings. This resin features adhesion to various substrates including plastics, excellent hardness, topcoat lift resistances, corrosion resistance, humidity resistance saponification resistance, and tolerance to strong solvents when recoated. Resistance to UV light is limited.

Rezimac WR 73-7358 is a HAPS free air-dry modified polyolefin for penetrating stains on vertical wood surfaces. It can be easily formulated into coatings that exhibit excellent application characteristics, drying properties, early water resistance and package stability.

Rezimac WR 74-7435 is a HAPS free water reducible silicone modified alkyd. Enamels based on this resin feature excellent gloss retention, early water resistance, and fast air-dry and higher application solids than most water reducible alkyds.


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