SafSil Pumice - Description

CR Minerals offers several grades of SafSil® pumice used for a wide variety of applications including paints and coatings, abrasives, polishing, cleaners, and plastics compounds.  SafSil® is an ultra low crystalline silica content volcanic glass with a unique particle morphology that provides superior performance properties in many applications. SafSil® may be used in environmental friendly products such as paints that meet Green Seal Environmental Standards for Paints and Coatings (GS-11) and all MPI Green Performance requirements.  Available grades include:

  • CT-200:  Median Particle Size - 12 Microns

  • CT-450:  Median Particle Size - 7 Microns

  • CT-550:  Median Particle Size - 5 Microns

  • CT-600:  Median Particle Size - 3 Microns

SafSil Pumice

More information about SafSil Pumice

  • High performance functional fillers containing less than 0.1% respirable crystalline silica

  • Low density and unique particle morphology

  • May be used effectively to replace crystalline silica, nepheline syenite, calcium carbonate, talc and other extenders/ fillers

  • May be used in formulations of both latex and solvent-based coatings

  • Contribute enhanced burnish resistance, flatting, sheen uniformity, film hardness and touch-up


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