Sicopal - Description

The Sicopal range includes a broad color portfolio of inorganic pigments designed to meet the demanding exterior applications within the decorative paint market. The range includes bismuth vanadate for high chroma, high opacity shades and durability. Orange that represents the ideal shading partner for the redder shade yellow color space with excellent durability and opacity. Blue and green all linked to the final customer needs for color space and high performance. Black that is part of a cool color approach providing our customers with an alternate means of energy conservation by reduced heat build-up in decorative coatings.


More information about Sicopal

  • All have outstanding fastness to light and weather, and most of them achieve the highest heat resistance
  • Robust processing performance even for highly demanding engineering plastics or for warping sensitive applications
  • As base components or as shading partners, they ensure ultimate durability for most end-uses
  • Suitable for use in a wide variety of polymers including PVC, Polyolefins, PS, ABS, PA, PET, PC, PMMA, Polyurethanes and Rubber
  • Non-warping in HDPE injection molding
  • High chroma products for even the most difficult shades

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