Sicotrans - Description

Sicotrans inorganic pigments are extremely small particle sized iron oxide pigments. The product range contains yellow and red, highly transparent products as well as semi-transparent, easily dispersible grades. These extremely fine and transparent iron oxide pigments have excellent fastness to heat, light, and weather.


More information about Sicotrans

  • Can be used in solvent borne automotive and wood coatings
  • Excellent durability and can be used as durability enhancer in metallic and pearl colors, especially at low tint levels
  • Suitable for use in a wide variety of polymers including PVC, Polyolefins, PS, ABS, PA, PET, PC, PMMA, Polyurethanes and Rubber
  • Non-warping in HDPE injection molding
  • Very good heat resistance in polyolefins, styrenics and PVC
  • Suitable in PVC, depending on the heat stabilizer system

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