Sierralite 252HS - Description

Sierralite 252HS is high purity chlorite mineral pigment. Chlorite disperses easily in waterborne coatings and produces a low viscosity in solvent-borne coatings. Sierralite 252HS is a premium, white mineral pigment for use in airless spray-appliedinterior flat paints to provide excellent sheen control and resistance to color fade.

Sierralite 252HS provides outstanding resistance to mud cracking in low-VOC flat latex paints.  

Sierralite 252HS

More information about Sierralite 252HS

  • Disperses easily in waterborne coatings
  • High brightness
  • Provides excellent resistance to mud cracking in latex paints
  • Produces low viscosity in solvent borne coatings
  • Excellent sheen control
  • Resistance to color fade

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