Silcolapse 710 - Description

Silcolapse 710 is a 100% active silicone antifoam and/or defoamer. It offers excellent antifoam and defoaming properties in a wide variety of aqueous and non-aqueous applications including those with incidental food contact as well as food processing applications. The product effectively controls foam at concentrations as low as 10 ppm solids, even at elevated temperatures. The product gives good results at wide-ranging pH and provides a cost effective solution where foam is a problem.

Silcolapse 710

More information about Silcolapse 710

  • Effective in alkaline conditions
  • Easy to use, either as is or pre-diluted
  • Cost efficient, effective at low doses
  • Chemically inert, will generally not alter the properties of the foaming medium
  • Effective at high temperatures

Kosher certified

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