Silverline 002 - Description

Silverline 002 is off-white, high purity, platy talc that is used in different applications. Silverline products can be used as cost-effective general-purpose fillers for non-color sensitive architectural and industrial coatings.

In plastics, Silverline 002 is used in wood plastic composites (WPC), where it has been found to increase stiffness, reduce water absorption, increase heat distortion temperature, improve dimensional stability and reduce creep in polyolefin and PVC based wood plastic composites.

Silverline 002 is also used as a parting agent for rolled asphalt, concrete forms, rubber goods, and wire and cable products. Silverline 002 is an excellent fluxing and processing additive for brick, clay pipe, roofing and floor tile manufacture.

Silverline 002

More information about Silverline 002

  • Increases stiffness
  • Reduces water absorption
  • Increases heat distortion temperature
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Superior anti-caking/flow control
  • Effective carrier and coater

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