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Lubricant Emulsifier Package

SOLUBLE BASE GT-1500S - Description

SOLUBLE BASE GT-1500S is an oil-soluble emulsifier base for use in a variety of paraffinic base stocks. It is a balancedformulation of sodium sulfonate and a very low concentration of a unique soap system as the secondary emulsifier. Soluble oils using SOLUBLE BASE GT-1500S will have good lubricity, hard water stability and corrosion protection. SOLUBLE BASE GT-1500S can be used to make conventional and high performance soluble oils. Various extreme pressure additives can be incorporated in the final formulation as necessary. SYN-ESTER GY series complex polymeric esters can beadded to enhance lubricity without using traditional EP additives such as chlorine, sulfur or phosphorous. Final formulations may require adjustments with fatty acids,triethanolamine or other coupling agents to obtain the desired emulsion stability.


More information about SOLUBLE BASE GT-1500S

  • Effective in a wide range of paraffinic stocks
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Good hard water emulsion stability

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