SOLUPLUS - Description

Soluplus ® is an innovative excipient that enables new levels of solubility and bioavailability for poorly soluble active ingredients. Developed specifically for solid solutions, Soluplus ® is unique in many ways. Thanks to its high flowability and excellent extrudability, Soluplus ® shows superior performance in forming solid solutions, especially in hot melt extrusion processes. This solid solution makes the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) available in a dissolved state, resulting in improved bioavailability once in the body. The safety of Soluplus ® is documented by a comprehensive range of toxicological data and supported by Soluplus ® being approved in commercial products in Europe.


More information about SOLUPLUS

  • Solubility and Bioavailability Enhancer
  • Outstanding solubilization properties, especially for poorly soluble APIs
  • Very thermally stable with no chemical degradation up to 220°C.

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