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Specialty Cosmetic Pigments

Various Specialty Pigments - Alchemique, Bichroma, Biluna, Bilunasperse, Confetti, Fantasy, Glitter, Illumina, Mangi-Charged Super, Magni-Mira, Spectra, Sterling

Specialty Cosmetic Pigments - Description

Sandream Impact offers various specialty pigments with excellent covering power, optimal compressibility, and binding characteristics. This collection is filled with elegant colors that provide brilliant reflective surfaces, diffusing ambient light and unique possibilities.

Product Offerings:

  • Aluminum Based Series
    • Alchemique
    • Glitter
  • Silver Coated Glass
    • Sterling
  • Magni Series
    • Mangi-Charged Super
    • Magni-Mira
  • Illumina Series
    • Illumina
  • Glitters & Holographic Series
    • Confetti
    • Spectra
  • Laser Effect Color Variable
    • Fantasy
  • Bismuth Oxychloride
    • Bichroma
    • Biluna
    • Bilunasperse

Specialty Cosmetic Pigments

More information about Specialty Cosmetic Pigments

Biluna Pigments (White Bismuth Oxychloride) are pure, high quality bismuth oxychloride varieties that impart a rich satiny luster, excellent white covering power and possess soft optical effects gently diffusing ambient light which minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This line of products offers optimal compressibility, binding properties and enhances long wear characteristics. Bilunas are available in a wide array of particle sizes and bulk densities, achieving flexibility in formulation across many applications.

Bilunasperse (White Bismuth Oxychloride Dispersions) offer ease of delivery into mediums such as nitrocellulose based nail lacquer systems or into wax bases for common cosmetic applications by utilizing dispersions of bismuth oxychloride incompatible carrier vehicles.

Bichroma Pigments (Colored Bismuth Oxychloride) - are comprised of bismuth oxychloride and a primary colorant coated onto a fine particle mica. This collection offers a soft and elegant shade palette while delivering outstanding coverage, blurring and formulation possibilities. Most Bichromas are titanium dioxide free.

Silica Based Color Travel - The SilikMira collection consists of saturated color travel silica-based pigments produced via vacuum deposition delivering unprecedented color shifts that flow seamlessly into one another. Offered in a fine particle interference version, a fine particle colored version and a super-sized interference flake option, the opportunities to create one-of-a-kind formulations are endless.

Glitter Pearls - The Confetti and Confetti Variable lines are cosmetic glitters paired with stunning borosilicate pearls which bring unique multifaceted and color travel effects to a variety of cosmetic and personal care systems.

Biodegradable Glitter Pearl - Confetti Bio combines two popular trends in this unique product where non-PET glitters, derived from cellulose extracted from eucalyptus, are paired with complementary natural mica and borosilicate effect pigments, made from minerals or naturally occurring substances, to deliver exceptional synergistic, textural and dimensional effects which are eco-friendly.

Cosmetic Holographic Glitters - The Spectra collection offers gorgeous options of multi-dimensional glitters with holographic rainbow flecks in a variety of base colors and sizes. The composition of aluminum powder and/or PET allows for this line to be ideal for eye, nail lacquer and personal care applications.

Silver Coated Glass - The Sterling line provides the most reflective, mirror-like surface created from a vapor deposition of pure silver on glass flake of calcium and sodium borosilicate. The shine and brilliance of the silver is unmatched, making this collection perfect for nail and other externally applied cosmetics.

Magni-Charged Series - These high iron oxide content effect pigments are based either on mica or synthetic mica substrates and possess magnetic properties which allow for interesting nail lacquer and additional makeup design applications.

Aluminum Based Pearls - The Alchemique collection consists of stunning jeweled toned pearlescent pigments based on flaked aluminum powder. The fine particle size and richness of these pearls deliver maximum coverage and metallic effect. This category is desirable for eye shadow, nail lacquer, hair care and other personal care formulations.

Aluminum Bases - The SDI Duo Series takes silver coated aluminum flake and a flip-flop effect to the next level. Available in seven eye-catching shades these colors will create innovative nail palettes.

Illumina Series - These cheerful fluorescent colors with complementary interference characteristics give energy to a variety of lip, face and hair formulations. Easily incorporated into many systems, these pearlescent pigments provide intense coverage and expand shade opportunities to many product lines.

Holographic Effect Pearls - The Fantasy collection delivers mesmerizing holographic flecks in a multitude of vibrant and dazzling shades across a wide range of particle sizes. The composition consists of aluminum powder, acrylates copolymer and other components which make this line most appropriate for nail, eyes shadow and other externally applied products.

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