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Birla Carbon produces and delivers a range of high quality rubber blacks providing excellent surface finish, longer lasting and higher performing products to manufacturers of mechanical rubber goods. They produce a full range of ASTM grades for mechanical rubber goods which are suitable for a variety of applications including sealing systems, belts and hoses, injection molded parts, bellows and diaphragms and many other mechanical rubber goods.

Standard quality carbon blacks have very low levels of ash and residue as impurities - typically below 0.3% and 0.004%, respectively. Birla Carbon has pioneered the production of Ultra® high quality carbon blacks, which significantly reduce ash to levels around 0.05% and residue to levels much less than 0.002%. The benefits of Ultra® carbon blacks include superior surface appearance and improved flex fatigue life due to enhanced dispersion and the reduction of ash and residue impurities. Ultra® carbon blacks are best suited for high quality extruded profiles and for applications where life-extension of the rubber article is critical.



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Carbon Black is the predominant reinforcing filler used in rubber compounds, and it is required to impart the necessary durability and strength to these products for longer lifetime and greatly improved performance. Carbon Black distributes and absorbs stress applied to a rubber component and improves its tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance. Carbon Black can also impart electrical conductivity / resistivity to a rubber compound for dissipating static charge in dynamic applications such as automotive belts and green tires.

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