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Stearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth 20

Stearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth 20

An emulsifier or emulsifying agent is an ingredient that stabilizes an emulsion. An emulsion is a thermodynamically unstable system comprising two or more immiscible liquids, one of which is dispersed in the other liquid. This emulsifier is a non-ionic oil-in-water emulsifier and is naturally derived*. Due its non-ionic nature, it is non-irritant, meaning it is particularly preferred for sensitive products. It also serves as structurants and may impart some emolliency to formulations. Typical usage level is 1-5%.
*Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) is calculated under ISO 16128. RCI > 0.50 meets the definition of derived-natural.

  • Non-ionic O/W emulsifier (HLB 12.5)

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