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STEPANPOL Aromatic Polyester Polyols

Aromatic Polyester Polyols for Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomeric Applications. Can be further compounded for use in the formulation of Polyurethane Prepolymers, Polyurethane Dispersions, Radiation Curable Oligomers and Thermoplastic Urethanes (TPU)

STEPANPOL Aromatic Polyester Polyols - Description

STEPANPOL® aromatic polyester polyols are specifically engineered to meet diverse and demanding requirements. By using phthalic anhydride as the building block, Stepan polyols deliver enhanced hydrolytic stability with an ortho-ester linkage and diverse substrate adhesion while improving abrasion resistance and overall hardness.

STEPANPOL Aromatic Polyester Polyols

More information about STEPANPOL Aromatic Polyester Polyols

 • STEPANPOL® polyester polyols allow formulators the versatility in PUR hot melt adhesive applications to improve green strength, creep resistance, substrate bonding profiles and modify open time.

• STEPANPOL® polyester polyols deliver improved hydrolytic stability under acid and base conditions, flexibility, good pot life, and adhesion to a variety of commonly used substrates in flexible packaging adhesives.

• STEPANPOL® aromatic polyester polyols contribute to excellent abrasion and tear resistance as well as providing excellent resistance to hydrolysis in polyurethane elastomers. Depending on the grade they may improve selected physical properties such as tensile strength, modulus, and tear strength as well as compatibility with some polyethers and isocyanates.

• STEPANPOL® polyester polyols can be further compounded to polyurethane prepolymers, radiation curable oligomers or polyurethane dispersions, offering hardness, flexibility, solvent resistance, and/or weatherability, depending on the grade.


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