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With a deep commitment to our customers’ success, IMCD US has spent many years representing and collaborating with the industry’s leading specialty chemical suppliers.

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ABITEC (Associated British Foods) is a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialty lipids and surfactants. Through their world-class technical, scientific, regulatory and manufacturing expertise, ABITEC delivers the highest quality solutions in solubilization, emulsification and lubrication.

Axel Plastics

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories (AXEL) is a U.S. based manufacturer of proprietary mold releases and process aid additives for the all types of plastics, rubbers, and urethanes.


Often referred to as The Chemical Company, BASF is the largest chemical supplier. BASF uses its size and expertise to stay ahead of the trends, leading the industry’s innovation. Creating chemistry for a sustainable future, their cutting edge solutions meet unique customer needs across the globe.

BASF Pharmaceuticals

BASF Pharmaceuticals: BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future offering intelligent solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. With its expertise in polymer chemistry, R&D-capabilities and its commitment in developing excipients, BASF creates solutions for Instant & Modified Release, Solubilization, Skin-Delivery and Softgels.

Balchem SensoryEffects

Balchem Ingredient Solutions is a technology-driven, food and beverage solutions company developing complete systems, including ingredients and flavorings, to finished products.

DFE Pharma

We develop, produce and supply excipients for use in oral solid dose, inhalation, nutraceuticals and Biopharma, but as a supplier of complete solutions we do a lot more than that.

Domino Specialty Ingredients

Domino Specialty Ingredients (ASR Group) offers National Formulary [NF] Granulated Sugars; unique dry sugars, manufactured to the highest quality standards. Offering a wide range of economical products, choose the right granulation size for each formulation, from extra fine confectioners to large grain sugars, or a performance directly compressible sugar like Di-Pac for your tableting applications.

Hofeseth BioCare

Hofseth BioCare is processing marine raw material into products to enhance global health.


"We provide a broad and unique range of well-known excipients – the inactive substance that serves as the vehicle for an API or drug –used across the pharmaceutical industry. Our portfolio is designed to deliver performance and cost advantages in various oral solid dosage forms. With decades of vital experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we have a proven track record of working with customers around the globe to differentiate drug formulations and solve the toughest technical challenges."

Imerys Filtration Minerals

Imerys Filtration Minerals is a world leading supplier of engineered mineral products derived from diatomaceous earth and expanded perlite, natural raw materials possessing unusually light density, chemical inertness, high surface area and intricate structure making them ideal for a host of applications including functional fillers for paints, coatings, polymers and elastomers.

Imerys Performance Minerals

The world leader in mineral-based specialty solutions, Imerys Performance Minerals offers a variety of mica additives to support many end uses, including coatings, inks, adhesives, plastics, rubber, lubricants, and advanced materials.

Innexus Nutraceuticals

Innexus Nutraceuticals is a developer and supplier of specialty nutraceuticals. We work with talented PhD chemists and experts in the nutritional field to develop and market exciting ingredients. We do extensive research before we adopt an ingredient to our portfolio.

J.M. Huber Corporation

One of the largest family owned companies in the US, Huber provides a range of specialty precipitated silica and silicates, alumina trihydrate, magnesium hydroxide, molybdates, processed nutritional ingredients, barium sulfate and industrial, food grade and USP calcium carbonate to meet varied market needs.

Jan Dekker

For over 240 years, Jan Dekker is a global leader in the distribution of vegetable oils and butters, preservatives, food-quality antioxidants, and functional ingredients.


Leading the industry in the development and manufacturing of plasticizers and bonding agents. Order your samples of Mesamoll, Disflamoll, and Uniplex.


The Lubrizol Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway company, provides unmatched science that unlocks immense possibilities at the molecular level. Lubrizol’s unique application-specific solutions help enable, protect and advance the engines, mechanical systems and emerging technologies used in an expanding range of industries. To support a world in motion, Lubrizol partners with customers and original equipment manufacturers to develop innovative solutions that continue to set the standard in performance, reliability and efficiency.

Magris Talc

Magris Talc is a leading talc producer and mineral mining group committed to a strong, sustainable future.

Sethness Roquette

Sethness Roquette is a worldwide leader in the production of liquid and powder Caramel Colors for the food and beverage industry. Sethness Roquette Caramel Colors are available in a wide range of strengths and hues to achieve food colors from light yellow to deep browns.


Shin-Etsu Chemical began producing pharmaceutical excipients in 1962. Since then, thanks to feedback from our customers and inspection by the FDA, we have been improving our quality and control system. We are confident in our quality control which is in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and we are looking forward to our system becoming a global standard for pharmaceutical excipients. Shin-Etsu Chemical’s cellulose excipients can make a valuable contribution in various areas of pharmaceutical technology.

Teknor Apex

Teknor Apex has over 60 years of experience manufacturing esters. TruVis® Esters are ideal for lubricant base stocks and additives, and are widely used in automotive & industrial lubricant and metalworking fluid applications. Available in adipate, trimellitates and polyol esters, TruVis® products are manufactured at the company’s Brownsville, Tennessee site. Teknor’s flexibility as an independent producer, as well as their ability to globally source key raw materials, allows them to offer superior service to customers.