Albemarle is a global specialty chemicals company with leading positions in lithium, bromine, refining catalysts and applied surface treatments.

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ADM Modified Tapioca Starch 2650xx

Thickening, shear and pH stability

ADM Modified Tapioca Starch 2651xx

Freeze thaw stability and thickening

ADM Modified Tapioca Starch 2654xx

Emulsification, spray drying and encapsulation

ADM Modified Tapioca Starch 2660xx

Robust thickening and process tolerance, freeze thaw stability, syneresis resistance

ADM Modified Tapioca Starch 2662xx

Viscosity, pH and shear stability, syneresis protection

ADM Native Tapioca Starch

Cost effective, clean label, neutral flavor, thickening and stabilizing

Acacia gum

Also known as gum arabic

Adlec RL and Yelkin Canola

Rapeseed (Canola) lecithin, Non-GMO


Soy protein concentrates

Arcon T

Textured soy protein concentrate

Black beans

Available as whole beans, quick-prep whole beans, grits, meal and powder. Non-GMO, non-allergenic and minimally processed.


Cook-up starch


Also available as Organic and pregelled flour. Non-GMO, non-allergenic and minimally processed.


Thin-boiling or Octenyl succinate starch

Dark red kidney beans

Available as triple-cleaned, whole dry beans. Non-GMO, non-allergenic and minimally processed.

Emulpals and Palsgaard SA food grades

Activated Cake Emulsifiers/Whipping Agents


Gellan Gum

GENU Gum food grades

Refined Locust Bean gum

Gelatin food grades

Gelatin (beef hide, porkskin, leaf)

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