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Ashland Specialty Ingredients has been at the forefront of creating chemistry which solves formulation and product performance challenges for more than a half-century. Ashland's commitment to innovation supports improved quality for a wide range of end use applications.

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Hot Cast Polyurethane Elastomers

Laripur Eco-Friendly Polyesters

Eco-Freindly Polyester-Based TPUs

Laripur Master Batch

Master Batch for Plasticized TPUs

Laripur Modified Esters

Modified Ester-Based TPUs

Laripur PTMG Polyether

PTMG Polyether-Based TPUs

Laripur Plasticized Ester

Plasticized Ester-Based TPUs

Laripur Polycaprolactone Esters

Polycaprolactone Ester-Based TPUs

Laripur Seal Grades

Seal Grade Polyol-Based TPUs

Laripur Special Adipate Ester

Special Adipate Ester-Based TPUs

Laripur Specialty Polyesters

Specialty Polyesters

Laripur Standard Adipate Esters

Standard Adipate Ester-Based TPU


Cast Polyurethane Elastomers

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