Sur-Wet - Description

Sur-Wet R is a water-insoluble, modified aliphatic polyamine curing agent for epoxy resins. The product can be used to formulate 100% solids coatings for underwater application and cure.  Sur-Wet R can also be used to formulate 100% solids coatings that are applied via brush in air to both damp and water-logged concrete.


More information about Sur Wet

Sur-Wet R adheres and cures well when applied under water. It can be accelerated with other amines to give harder, faster cures. Presence of water will accelerate cure.  Film defects are minimized by the unusual flow and wetting characteristics of Sur-Wet R which bonds by a process of water displacement, dispersion and exudation; which is quite distinct from the degradable emulsification that occurs during underwater application and cure of conventional polyamide-cured, epoxy "splash-zone" mastics.  Films are tough, flexible, light in color and exhibit good gloss, good resistance to water and mild chemicals.

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