SymMollient S - Description

SymMollient S is a waxy lipohilic emollient made from the reaction of nonanoic acid and cetylstearyl alcohol.

SymMollient S has clinically proven hydration and moisturizing benefits and shows a good cost-value ratio.

SymMollient S is a valuable silicone replacer. It provides pleasant sensory characteristics by creating a silicone-like skin feel (luxurious silky soft, but non-oily).

SymMollient S

More information about SymMollient S

  • Melts at skin temperature and creates silky, non-oily skin feel
  • Leaves dry, silicone-like touch on the skin
  • In-vivo data prove significant moisturization and hydration effect
  • Improves skin feel of pigments in sun care formulations and reduces their whitening effect
  • Prevents breakage in stick formulation
  • Used in bar soaps it reduces cracking and improves skin feel and lather

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