SymOcide C - Description

SymOcide C is a preservative that provides a product protection alternative to traditionally used materials.

Proper synergistic use of SymOcide C with other preservatives or boosters helps to preserve many cosmetic formulations effectively.

SymOcide C also brings in additional benefits like antioxidant capacity and antimicrobial properties beneficial for oral care.

SymOcide C

More information about SymOcide C

  • Nature-inspired, isomer of Thymol
  • Provides quick kill of bacteria (hygiene)
  • Provides broad spectrum protection in synergistic combination with multifuctionals like SymSave H
  • Antioxidant capacity
  • Colorless crystals with low odor
  • Preservation alternative to Phenoxyethanol, parabens, formaldehyde-donors, isothiazolinones and organohalogens

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