SYN-ESTER GY-10 - Description

SYN-ESTER GY-10 is a high molecular weight polymerized ester designed to totally replace or substantially reduce the amount of extreme pressure additives such as chlorine or sulfur in metalworking fluids. In soluble oils and semi-synthetics no extreme pressure additives, other than SYN-ESTER GY-10, are normally required. SYN-ESTER GY-10 polymeric ester is ashless and burns off cleanly. SYN-ESTER GY-10 can be used at 1-10% coolants such as soluble oils and semi-synthetics, which normally are not used at high temperatures. Due to its unsaturation, SYN-ESTER GY-10 is not recommended for use in straight oil machining or forming applications. SYN-ESTER GY-10 is soluble in all naphthenic oils. Solubility in paraffinic oils depends on the particular oil selected, ester concentration, oil viscosity and degree of hydrotreatment. It is an excellent replacement for lard and related lubricity additives. Since SYN-ESTER GY-10 is a branched chain polymer, it is expected to be less susceptible to biological attack than conventional fatty additives.


More information about SYN-ESTER GY-10

  • Excellent lubrication in water-based and oil-based fluids
  • Mineral oil, sulfur and chlorine free
  • Provides good surface finish
  • Synergistic with sulfur compounds
  • Contains no chlorine, sulfur or phosphorous

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