SYN-ESTER GY-201 - Description

SYN-ESTER GY-201 is a medium molecular weight, water-soluble, synthetic ester. It was developed to eliminate the need for reactive extreme pressure additives or water-soluble polymers that have inverse solubility properties, which are used in true solution synthetic metalworking fluids. In addition to its lubricating properties, SYN-ESTER GY-201 gives excellent corrosion protection, thereby eliminating or substantially reducing the need for corrosion inhibitors, depending on treat level. SYN-ESTER GY-201 is a branched chain saturated ester and, therefore, is stable to oxidation and hydrolysis and is expected to be less susceptible to bacterial attack than conventional ester additives. It does not contain any phosphorous, chlorine or sulfur and is ashless.


More information about SYN-ESTER GY-201

  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • Mineral oil, sulfur and chlorine free
  • No tacky residues
  • Non-staining to aluminum
  • Does not contain any phosphorous, chlorine or sulfur and is ashless

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