SYN-ESTER GY-241 - Description

SYN-ESTER GY-241 is a high molecular weight water-soluble, branched chain, saturated synthetic ester. It is stable to oxidation and hydrolysis and is expected to be less susceptible to bacterial attack than conventional ester additives. SYN-ESTER GY-241 gives excellent corrosion protection, thereby eliminating or substantially reducing the need for corrosion inhibitors depending on treat level. SYN-ESTER GY-241 does not contain any phosphorous, chlorine or sulfur and is ashless.


More information about SYN-ESTER GY-241

  • Excellent lubrication in water-based and oil-based fluids
  • Mineral oil, sulfur and chlorine free
  • No tacky residues
  • Non-staining to aluminum

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