SYN-ESTER SE-110 - Description

SYN-ESTER SE-110 is a sulfur containing polymeric ester that is non-staining to yellow metals at temperatures less than 100°C. It is also light in color and low in odor, and as such, is an excellent replacement for sulfurized fats, esters and olefins, whether they are active or inactive sulfur containing products.


More information about SYN-ESTER SE-110

  • Recommended for use at: 5.0 - 15 % by weight
  • SYN-ESTER SE-110 replaces chlorine on a part for part basis. For example, if a formulation contains 10% of a 60% chlorinated paraffin, similar extreme pressure performance can be achieved using 6% SYN-ESTER SE-110.

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