TEGOPAC Bond 160 - Description

TEGOPAC Bond 160 is a silylated polymer that is used for production of neutral curing adhesives and sealants. The polymer is based on a unique polymer technology with lateral crosslinking groups. TEGOPAC Bond 160 shows excellent through cure properties, improved water & thermal resistance and excellent elastic recovery properties. The low polymer viscosity allows

quick & easy handling.

TEGOPAC Bond 160

More information about TEGOPAC Bond 160

  • Very low viscosity allows quick & easy handling

  • Development of formulations with self-levelling properties or high filler load is possible

  • Development of methanol-free formulations with convenient curing properties is possible

  • TEGOPAC Bond 160 do not contain solvents or plasticizers (100% polymer) which allows to develop solvent/plasticizer-free formulations.

  • Excellent elastic recovery properties because of lateral cross-linking groups (e.g. for ISO 11600 requirements)

  • Excellent “intercoat-adhesion/overcoatability” for applications where a second layer of formulation is applied after more than 24 hours

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